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Irene Pérez
She is responsible of Administrative Services and Quality Processes. Her roles are the following: administrative, laboural and accountable managment, funding processing, human resources and library management.
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Rocío Arroyo
She is the technical director of Autismo Avila. She is in charge of the coordination of most of the services for final users, including diagnostic assessment, family support programmes and assessment. She also provides support to some management tasks.
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Teresa Díaz
She is the responsible for Services for People with Asperger Syndrome or Autism without Intellectual Disability. This includes school support, social skills and leisure. She also collaborates in individual support services and in project preparation.
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Beatríz Trabas
She is Speech-Language therapist, and she is in charge of the intervention related to communication and language with Autismo Avila users, and she helps families to facilitate its generalisation at home and in other environments.
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Elisabet García
She is the responsible for adult services (Day Centre) and responsible of leiusre services, travels and camps. She is also a facilitator in Person Centred Planning Groups and helps in other services of Autismo Avila.
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Eva Martín
She is personal assistant. Some of her functions are facilitate autonomy and inclusion and prepare users for acquiring independence.
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Isabel Hoyos Seijo
English to Spanish translator with over 25 years of experience. Since 2007, Isabel has translated or proofread almost every book we have edited.

Members of:

Federación Autismo Castilla y León Confederación Autismo España


Universidad de Valencia – Grupo de Autismo Fundación Adapta


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