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Building of "Gloria Fuertes" housings
Building of two housings in the land donated by the City Hall of Avila in Gloria Fuertes street is the best example of a global strategy to answer the needs that express people with autism and that Autismo Ávila develops for each of the stage of the life cycle to that effect. For this reason Autismo Ávila develops services of Early Assistance, Educational support in school-age, Transition to adult life and Employment support. Through thist project we expect to start offering services of tutelary housing for people with autism seriously affected, who besides present severe intellectual disability and present generalized support needs.
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Support and family rest
We develop activities for family rest, outline in that way they are beneficial for both, people with ASD and their families.
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Personal assistant specialized in Autism
It is a project that it is developed thanks to the support of the Social Work of "La Caixa" just as the Personal Assistance compensation that the "Junta de Castilla y León" grants. In this project Autismo Ávila will train a group of people in personal assistance and autism, with the participation of recognized speakers of the national and international field. It will also create an employment agency with the trained people and we will make a guidebook as well as a poster to facilitate users to understand the service and encourage them to demand it. Finally, an App will be created to facilitate the coordination of the service.
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Urban signposting
As an organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of people with autism and their families, we consider necessary the placing of pictograms in different municipal spaces or even shops of the city. Since people with autism use them in a very consistent way as in the environments of their own homse as in the services they use regularly through the different schedules wich make the world a bit easier to handle and more understandable for them.
Pictogram Room
We develop basic skills in people with ASD through video game with Microsoft Kinect. A project with big visibility in with that tool has reach more than 2000 users in the first two years of use, which has favored the knowledge of Autismo Ávila´s work in all the national territory.
Azahar project
Azahar is a combination of free and personalized applications that permits people with ASD and/ or intellectual disability to improve their communication, planning of their tasks and enjoy their leisure activities.

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