Services for adults with Autism/ Asperger

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Supports centre for adults with Autism
People who come to this "Support centre" receive services from the association during 8 hours per day, while they do not spend all the time in it but it supposes a place of reference to coordinate and prepare the person with autism participation in any other communitty environment. During the time they spend in this centre they receive training for basic daily life activities, pre- employment and for the participation in the community. It is an authorised centre by our social services management called "Gerencia Servicios Sociales" from the "Junta de Castilla y León" (Regional Government) also support by the social work investement of "La Caixa" foundation.
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Housing facilities "Gloria Fuertes"
Autismo Ávila has two houses for people with Autism Spectrum Desorder. One of them is for independent living projects, thank you them young with autism and some level of development learn housework, using this housing like a platform for their next life in other kind of housing in a independent or supervised form. The other housing is for people with autism and also intelectual disability or a smaller level of development, that require higer levels of support and for those that this housing suppose an alternative from home in the medium and long term.
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Leisure for people with autism
For those members with autism who are more than 16 years old, Autismo Ávila offers the participation in programmes for holidays in the Mediterranean coast, in places like Salou, Gandía or Alcoceber. These "holiday programmes", financed by the IMSERSO (Ministry of work and Social Matter), are coordinated from Confederación Autismo España and Autismo Ávila participes together with Autismo Burgos. By the same token, in colaboration with Federación de Autismo de Castilla y León, Autismo Ávila offers holiday programmes for weekends in different places of the near geography.

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