Servicies for Children and Adolescents with Autism/Asperger

Services for children and adolescents with Autism/Asperger

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Individual support
So that each person with autism can truly benefit from this service, it is offered to each user a support based on his interests, being fundamental the coordination with all the environments where the person gets on such as the school, the family and other associations.
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School support
Individual and adapted classes are taught according to the school curricula, programmes and contents.
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Social skills group " La pandilla"
Development of social skills and interaction are the main idea of the intervention with people with autism; that is why it is developed a small work group of social skills, which also make leisure trips on weekends. Users of these services are people with High Functioning Autism.
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Music therapy
It is the use of music and /or his music elements ( sound, rhythm, melody, harmony) to facilite and promote communication, learning, mobilization, expression, organization or another relevant therapeutic objetives, in order to achieve changes and satisfy physical, emotional, mental, social and cognitive needs.
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Speech therapy and comunication
It is an individual service, adapted to each person needs to improve and promote his abilities and comunicative strategies. For that, it is used different aumentative communication systems, among them PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).
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Productive use of his free time; providing values of autonomy, responsibility, insertion in equality and normalisation of this group live. The right to leisure, with the benefict that it has, has been an objective since the begining of Autismo Ávila activity.
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Personal assistence
The personal assistant is one of the people in charge to provide the necessary supports for the activities of daily life development in people with ASD, as well as in other exceptional or unusual activities In this way, it will improve their quality of life and also the people who are on his closest environment . This support not only allows to develop immediately the activities, but at the same time provides them a certain degree of autonomy for the future, something also really important for families.

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