Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning (PCP) is a way of understanding and working with people with disabilities. As the term states, this methodology consists in orientating all the educational efforts and supports to the needs of the individuals with disability, adapting intervention programs to them.


Autismo Avila adopted this methodology as their core model of functioning because the first criteria for the organisation of resources and services (both at short and mid term) as the priorities identified at every support group constituted around every user with Autism/Asperger member of this organization.

Autismo Avila organizes and coordinates PCP support groups of all the members (or families) who ask for it. These groups are composed by family members, friends and any other meaningful person in the life of the individual with autism.

Members of:

Federación Autismo Castilla y León Confederación Autismo España


Universidad de Valencia – Grupo de Autismo Fundación Adapta


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