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Welcome and Diagnostic Evaluation
We welcome to new families and offer a Diagnostic Evaluation, an specialized service for those who can present an Autism Spectrum Disorder and they have not been evaluated yet. This service is one of the pillars of the organization; it is a families and people with Autism right, receive information about a diagnosis, that it is reliable, close and professional. This is the first contact between the family and the association, so it is here where the intervention and welcome start, taking care of the emotions that a family starts to experiment in those moments.
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Families support
It consists in giving support of different types to families that live with a person who presents an Autism Spectrum Disorder with the objective to improve their quality of life. The emotional support is one of the cross axis that it is found inside each one of the activities and services of the organization. We look for improving the well - being, promote the stability and provide opportunities. People who dedicate to take care and attention to people with ASD, take the risk of forgetting about themselves, and if this situations are not direct in a suitable way it can present situations of depression, exhaustion, anxiety and /or tension.
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From the organization it is given training, orientation and advice to the professionals of different fields and environments about needs and strategies that the person with ASD needs. Every family from the organization can request this service.

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